Our crew specializes in different disciplines (architecture, art, history, botany, gastronomy, Arabism, etc.) that cover multiple fields of knowledge. In our circuits and walks the main objective is for the visitor to learn and know the territory in all its complexity from fun and enjoyment, to be an enriching experience. All our collaborators are licensed, with a master’s degree or doctors passionate about showing the beauties and secrets of each of the cities of Andalusia.

Blanca Espigares Rooney

Dr. Architect, Heritage Specialist

My circuits are not just about visiting a city or a building, but also knowing it, enjoying it, being part of it. I mix urban evolution, architecture, history and city life

Rafael Ruiz Gil

Architect and Master in Architecture and Historical Heritage

I tell the city, showing it alive and close, as a chronicler of the many stories that are mixed in the different manifestations of culture, art, urbanism and architecture

Elena Morón Otra

Architect and Master in Architecture and Historical Heritage

I love to explain the city from the vision that Architecture provides us to make the visit a different experience

Sergio Castillo López

Art Historian

In a simple and informative way, I try to introduce the participants in the styles of the city and in the stylistic incitements provided by each of the cities

Maria Font Merino

Degree in Tourism Business Technician and Tourism Interpreter Guide

Twenty years meeting people from all over the world, many years leading, many experiences, but always, always, enjoying my work and looking for each person to return home happily

Eduardo Diaz Prados

Historian and Master in Landscaping, Gardening and Urban Planning

Enthusiastic and prepared to adapt the tour to any circumstance that makes it an enriching and unique experience

Carlos Serrano

Arabist and Master in History of Al-Ándalus

I always try to tell in an attractive way the cities and their peculiarities since history, with the modifications that time has been printing on them

Igone Arrieta Gómez

Translator and Interpreter and Official Tourism Guide in Granada

Specialist in making visits and circuits adapt to the pace and needs of each traveller